Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What are some questions and concerns you have about growing up and adulthood?

    Now I know that everyone has to grow and be an adult. The fact is I just do not want to. Many of my friends know that I am silly, energetic and always happy and fun. When I am an adult does that mean I have to become a boring person. Also do i have to speak proper and dress well. I never match now and i do not plan on it. Will I be judged if I still act the way i do , but have a family and good job. Do adults have no fun what so ever or do they get to do whats needs to be and still be a kid inside forever.A lot of people think the biggest thing about growing up is living without your mother or father , not for me it's about actually growing up and being mature. When I am older can I be mature but still act sorta like a kid and have fun or will I "frowned upon". I am not a person that likes frowns so I do not think this will work out very well for me. I do know that I have to face life but when I grow up I still want to be Ramon I do not want Mr.Ramon or anything like that, I really don't want to change that much at all.

    I think I will pull a Peter Pan and just not grow up at all. When I am an adult or just when I am older i will still be same old silly,energetic, happy,fun Ramon I am now.And I hope I am accepted for who I am. That is why I am planning on staying friends with the people i know and love now. I know they accept me. I just hope society does too.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Reading Response

Even though I am only in the beginning of my reading book A Long Way Home I have noticed many things. The story takes place in New York and in many villages in Sierra Leone in Africa. The author is telling his friends in New York about his death and war filled childhood in Africa. 
    Ishmael Beah the author and main character is only twelve years old in his stories about him in Africa. He does not go to school and lives at home with his mother and older brother. They live in a village called Mogbwemo. His brother and friend like to listen to and preform rap. One day the three of them decide to take a twenty mile walk to a modern town Mattru Jong to see rap videos on a big TV in the town square. Along the way they plan to meet up with more friends.
    When they meet up with their three other friends in Mattru Jong they take a rest and sleep at a friend’s house. The next day they find out that the rebels had attacked the village of Mogbwemo where Ishmael and his brother lived with their mother. The boys decided to go back to see if there mother was okay. When they arrived they came to see that their mother was nowhere to be found. They went back to Mattru Jong with their friends and formed a group of boys and some adults. The group in fear that the rebels would be in  Mattru Jong next they went from village to village with their guns getting food , weapons and bullets however they can most the time by killing. There was one time when Ishmael and the group shot another group of boys for cooked food.
    Now many people may think this is cruel and mean, but these boys had no choice. They had to fend for themselves and they did it in the best way they could. What I think is that it is unfair that the boys had to make these decisions. They are now scarred for life and their dream will forever be haunted.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Post About Other Posts That I Like

(1) Found Poem: The final resting place. By Learsi

HI LEARSI IT'S ME RAMON!!!! I just wanted to tell you that this found poem is amazing. As  read it I noticed that it really flowed. hen writing my found poem I found that it was hard to make it flow, but I think that you nailed it. I think another reason you did so good on this you picked an amazing iconic speach. You have chosen a speach that was written very nicely. I think that you made it yourt own.  I would have never known that it was the Gettysburg Adress.GOOD JOB.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Take The Night

Sun is down no more light .
Nothing left to do but take the night.

Lets hit the city
and just have a good time.
You will look all pretty
guys will stare but i know you are mine.

We will have a blast 
doing it all.
Through out the night the fun will last 
while we are having a ball.

I wish every night can be like this
sorry to say but the fun done.
We end our night with a kiss 
if you could measure how much i love you it would be a tun.

Sun is down no more light .
Nothing left to do but take the night.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I am prolife , and you should be too.

     I like many people am prolife. This means that I do not support the abortion process. You may already know that an abortion is when a doctor ends a pregnancy prematurely. In most cases a doctor will take a instrument and place it the womens uterus brakes the protective sac around the baby, then the doctor actually pokes at the baby. The doctor will take a clamp like object and begin ripping the limbs of the child off one by one, At this point the baby is still alive and very much in pain. Then the doctor takes a scissor and punctures the baby's neck. At this point the baby is most likely dead but if not the brains will be sucked out.Another way it is preformed is the baby is delivered 90% of the way. The baby can be any where from 20-40 weeks witch is full term. The baby is taken out up to its head and while this happening the baby is moving its arms and legs all about. The brain is then taken out then the baby goes limp and is dead.
     I believe that both of these processes are murder! In the United States a baby is not considered a life until it takes a breath. I for one think that is BS. If it can feel, react,move, and if it has a beating heart its a like in my book. What does it say in yours?